Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Charm Of The Camden Line...Continued


Have made some progress on the wayside station of Grahams Hill or ( Graham's Hill ).  The correct grammar of the location depends upon which piece of research material you are reading at the time.  The one photo I have appears not to show the apostrophe in the name...but several government maps and other material do show it.  My apologies if I have erred. 

I am quite happy with the way the model is shaping up and as the accompanying shots show there is not a lot left to do before the surrounding landscaping,scenery and of course the reason for being...the track, are fitted.  The roof still needs sheeting, corners of the shed will have capping pieces fitted, handrails will be painted white, final weathering can then take place and I will need to research a little more and hopefully uncover whether or not seating inside the waiting shed was afforded for intrepid passengers.

Even though this particular station did not sport a sign of the magnitude shown in the photographs...I took the opportunity to trial a method of manufacturing station signage and while the early results are promising I will keep trying to track down the correct railway font.  I am unsure whether the font was a foundry font specifically designed for the NSWGR or was a derivation of a proprietary font.  Time will tell and it may be that I will need to reconstruct the alphabet as per the original font and keep on file for future use.  For those interested...the sign is lasered giving some 3D relief...but an alternative material will be trialled to give a deeper effect and at that time screw heads will be added to the appropriate spots on the letters to add a bit more realism.

I was asked today whether this item will ever see the light of day as a kit.  It is certainly a relatively easy construct and the components certainly could be redesigned to streamline the construction plus I would feel sure that the Camden Line was not the only location that ever sported this type of platform I guess if the demand was there it could be slated in to the ever growing program.

I will post on progress sometime in the future when the scene is complete and I am certainly looking forward to attempting the other wayside stations on this extremely interesting line.

The sign has yet to find a final location....if at all.



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  1. Rod

    Can't comment about the station style but would not be surprised if there were other examples of them around the state, more likely on some branch lines.

    The small waiting room however is similar to some that were found around the state also on branch lines, that served small homesteads & were used for school children. Pretty sure, there was one or two on the Boorowa line. Some had a single bench seat along the back wall.

    Slightly larger types were also found in other locations, & I remember Sodwalls having a timber one with a bench style seat along the back wall & one side wall.