Monday, 31 August 2015

Crookwell...The Groundwork Continues

Planning and decisions continue to be made for the proposed Crookwell Layout.  Firstly is the decision to hand lay all track and utilise Fast Tracks jigs to manufacture required points.  I am hoping that the jigs will accept code 75 rail as I have an abundance of Peco rail.  I have the ability to laser up all general sleepers, point sleepers and rail fish plates and this will lower the overall cost of required accessories.  In the wash up, I feel that this layout will certainly benefit from hand laid track.

As the building of all infrastructure items moves ahead, I decided that a visit to Crookwell was in order and with the girls in tow, we took a drive out there yesterday and made a day of it.  I took an absolute plethora of shots to add to my rather extensive existing collection, but with a layout now being the focus, attention moved to the "micro" elements rather than the overall feel.  Of course all things have a habit of changing in the prototype world and Crookwell Station precinct is no different with some major modifications taking place since my last visit earlier in the year.  I am not convinced that all of the changes have improved the appeal of the place as a tourist attraction...but the area is well maintained, neat and tidy.

With the construction of the A5 station building well underway, I was also keen to measure a myriad of detail items to ensure integrity with the model is maintained.  Most important was the internal details of the waiting room as this will be a focal point due to it being on display as an open type waiting room.  The station building will be part of a small, self contained, diorama that will include the platform, facing, lamp room and toilet (C4) and some rear scenery.  This method should allow me to work on the details away from the layout and when complete the "diorama" will then be placed and blended into the surrounds.

Progress on the station is coming along...The actual colour does not present well
in the is in essence an off white colour...

Façade, eaves, barge boards and finials fitted...vents will be fitted in the coming days
as well as other internals


Waiting room floor can be glimpsed as well as a start being made on the
chimney structure....Once all internals are complete, the roof trusses and assembly
will be fitted...

How Crookwell Station presents today...

I was also especially interested in studying the area immediately around the yard throat and out towards the down home signal location.  This area will also become a scenery break on the layout and the low timber trestles/bridges that carry the line over the Kiama Creek in two locations were also of interest.  Time has certainly taken it's toll on both structures but all dimensions were recorded as well as the construction methods and these two structures that flank the Harley Road level crossing will certainly be a focal point on the layout.

Looking back (up direction) towards Goulburn...
The Down Home signal can just be seen in the depths of the cutting as viewed
from Harley Road. 

Looking in the up direction with the yard entrance behind me.
Harley Road level crossing can be seen.

More to follow!


  1. Hi Rod,

    Glad to see that you are back from the dark side.

    I am planning to do the Crookwell/Taralga branchlines as a layout. Stations I want to include are Crookwell, McAlister, Roslyn, Woodhouselee and Taralga. Maybe Mt Rae too if it can fit. I have access to a 1926 timetable which shows a very active daily service. Two return RM's a day, the mixed goods, and a Taralga connection using a 20 class (with headlight of course). All I need is a shed and some appropriate rolling stock. Does anyone make a 1926 CPH?

    Maybe we should compare plans sometime.

    Happy sheep chasing,


  2. Rod, I forgot to mention that Kiamma Creek has two 'm's. Yes AMRM got it wrong too!

  3. Yes John I did lapse it correct on the Facebook groups....but erred here...To the townsfolk of eternal apologies!

  4. Great to see you posting again Rod and thanks for sharing those interesting photos, nothing beats a good field trip :-)

    The station building looks superb and is to your usual high standards, great stuff.

  5. Geoff,

    It is nice to be inspired again and I think I may have found a "shoe that fits" this time. Interestingly, it has not been lost on me, that portions of the Crookwell line could easily be situated somewhere in Britain. And it may be that fact that has had some effect on me, as I do get most inspiration from blogs such as yours and Iain's and the British modelling magazines that feature branchline - terminus or terminus to fiddleyard type layouts. It would be easy to get carried away (yet again) by the amount of space that I have...but not this time! I have definite wants and aspirations for this layout that will keep the inspiration alive.

    It is also a pleasure to be blogging again as well...

    Thanks Geoff for your message!