Thursday, 9 June 2011

Layout Room Under Construction


As can be seen from the photos, the layout room is coming along nicely.  The room is basically a room within a shed & as the layout is located in an area with extremes of temperature, every effort is being made to insulate wherever possible.

Of interest is the garden area in front of the shed which was a part of the home to the G Gauge Narrow Gauge "Empire"

The opportunity was also taken to incorporate a mezzanine storage shelf  1200mm wide in the gap between the layout room ceiling & shed roof for the entire 12 metre length.

The layout benching was quickly decided upon while the ability for labour was on site.... It is at a height of around 1350mm high & while boring and flat.....It will provide a basis for adding & subtracting a bit here & a bit there so i have above & below track scenery.

There was an existing dividing wall already in place in the shed & a decision was taken not to remove it...but rather incorporate it as a screen in the new layout room which allows for a 3 metre x 3metre section to be utilised as a shunting area or staging etc. 


The internal lining is water resistant gyprock which the builder specified...i was talked out of MDF as a lining....but i insisted on timber cornices & ceiling joins as against gyprock as i had seen first hand how the shed behaves in the weather extremes & did not want the joints to rip themselves apart.  The way it should work now is like slip joints

I guess painting will have to be undertaken soon.......I hate painting!!!!!!

So there you go....we are underway.  I will post some up to date photos of initial track laying soon...


Fat Controller.


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