Thursday, 28 June 2012

Level Crossings


Well it has finally happened...The Level Crossing kits have hit the market...Seven years have past since the original release of our range & we are excited by the re- release of our humble range.

We have only this afternoon completed packaging of four different varieties of level crossing kits & have elected to open an Ebay Store to begin the ball rolling.

For those interested the Ebay Store is named Laser Rail Bits & we have listed the four varieties & will add to this range as soon as we can churn the components out & have the packaging & instructions ready to go.

Ebay is probably a "necessary evil" alternative to retail hobby shops & given the right circumstances we would love to support the local bricks & mortar stores & will look at supplying retail outlets should the opportunity arise...but in the past it was just not economical to send a few here & a few there as freight would either destroy the meagre profit margin for both parties or worse dictate a price increase to the end user....not my way of doing business I'm afraid.

Of course direct sales via mail order are also fine....if anyone is interested drop me a line on the blog & i will list all of our details.

As an aside i am acutely aware of mixing business with pleasure & have thought long & hard about posting anything about the Laser Rail Bits range on this blog. 

One train of thought ( no pun intended ) is that for me the two facets are intertwined as it is the layout that spawns the inspiration for the creation of the products & also will act as a proving ground for future stuff.

I will be using quite alot of our own stuff on the layout so i guess it is only natural that it may appear in some future postings...

The other point i see is the exchange of information that a blog provides & indeed if by now and again alluding to the projects we have either complete or in the planning stage we are able to inform some who may be interested well thats a plus....but input from other modellers would also be great to ensure the range is what people want & need.

In the end the followers & readers of this blog will decide....

I have included some shots of part of the range...




  1. Looks great Rod, can't wait to see the rest of the range.

  2. Rod
    Just tried an Ebay search and the only combination that found your products was "timber level", not even "timber level crossing" worked ??? Absolutley zilch for Laser Rail Bits. At the moment your crossings are tucked in with wood working stuff and packs of timber !

  3. Gary,

    Only way i could make them more visible was to list under locos or rollingstock & that pisses the ebay puritans off...

    I will just give it a go & see how it goes