Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag....


With all the talk of the impending deluge of tank wagons.....It is time to lift the wraps on a previously unannounced model that should raise the bar of RTR available in Australia, to a new level.

Gazumped Models is proud to announce the release of a new range of oil pots for the Aussie Market.

Check out the attached shots & i am sure you will be blown away by the level of detail...the sharpness of the ultra researched liveries, fine scale wheelsets & scale size couplers...& if all that hasn't left you dribbling profusely...Factory weathering comes standard!!!

Available in packs of 90 for prototypical "Block Train" operations.

These models will definately not be rerun & when they are gone... they are gone.....( We Lost The Tooling)

No use whinging to us if you miss out.. You have been warned!!!

Available now....only available from this Blog Site.....

Gazumped Models....."We're Always Upfront" 


  1. Rod,
    The detail is outstanding. Gazumped is really raising the bar here...we wants thems!!


  2. Thanks Rob...

    Gotta have some fun sometime....BTW our next release will be a Flat Top "T".....But keep it to yourself!!!


  3. Missing two rivets - not gonna buy any.