Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bridge Update.


I have spent a couple of nights on progress of the Cooks Cutting bridge.  All that is left is to place the Grandtline bolt detail to the bridge bents, then attach them to the deck, fit the footing plinths then add the multitude of almost invisible detail bits & pieces.

Then comes the most enjoyable bit to me which entails weathering & creating a time & place in history.

I am most impressed with the 1mm brass angle that i found for the guardrail staunchions....these have added immensely to the intrinsic strength of the above decking components & the appearance of same.

I have produced enough components for around 8 or so units &  will build another 3 or 4 of this project to refine or modify
the components

The last few bridge projects have convinced me that i should at least try & refine the items & release them as a commercial venture under the Laser Rail Bits brand we created some years ago.  It has been on my mind for some time to rejig our old range of detail items & do them as well.

As for bridges....I have a zillion different prototypes to choose from.

Time will tell & of course any readers are invited to comment on whether or not these types of structure kits still have a place and are still relevant in the marketplace.

Returning to the comment on weathering the structure earlier in the post...i am torn between painting the above deck detail white as the prototype appeared in recent years...or to just go for the 50s / 60s look...It might end up as one of each???

Anyway enjoy the photos...

Construction so far....

Above deck...


  1. Rod
    Looks very nice indeed. I would certainly be interested in a kit or two should you decide to go down that road.
    Relevant ?....absolutely ! With the flood of RTR rolling stock available now and in the future, I believe there will be a shift back to building highly detailed layouts. For years the emphasis has been towards building and detailing kits to an ever higher level. With the quality and detail of RTR, and being able to buy it weathered, "modellers" will look to the layout to exercise and showcase their talents.
    Kit manufacturers, eg Mike McCormack and AndIan models, to name a couple, have raised the bar as far as kits go, but a train of Mikes' LFX's ??? a big investment in both time and 'hard earned' ! we each only get 1 lifetime ! (I have kits from both these guys with more on order!)
    I never got round to commenting on your post re the dissapearance of Lloyds kits off the market. While there are reasons for this happening I do miss them as you do and there are not many I don't have built or in storage for the future. We can only hope that they will return to the market place one day. They are a great way to be introduced into the rollingstock building aspect of the hobby. Ian Lindsay models are another example, but at least these can still be obtained.
    Bring it on Rod, I believe you may be surprised.

  2. Gary,

    Good to hear from you...

    Thanks for your input...A chance call, with a certain ex kit manufacturer who resides in the ACT & comments he made in regard to our products has lit the fire well & truly in regard to our old range I have this week done a stocktake of the Basswood, Grandtline bits & other raw materials on hand. A sizeable order has been made to replenish stocks & some should arrive next week by air. This means that manufacture will take place in the next couple of weeks & as a rehash of packaging is required, this will add another week i would imagine.

    The "old" range consisting of 4 different level crossing packs, ash buffers, station platform facing kits & loading bank facings will be the first off the rank...If i can source the 1mm brass angle at a sensible price the bridges will follow & then i will look at the timber coal stage, water tank base, aussie paling fences, stock yards & loading facilities which have been here as prototypes on the bench for a couple of years now.

    I have a headful of ideas going forward...but will concentrate on the in hand stuff & go from there...

    Now...here is where your keyboard has gotten you into trouble...i will forward you the kits as they come on line & you my friend can be a "Crash Test Dummy"....The "Choice Magazine" of the range....Warts & all...This will allow us to refine components & instructions etc etc.

    I tend to agree with your comments re kit building & would add that i feel that with the quality of the rollingstock available....It entices people to lift the bar when it comes to the layout...the environment in which the trains run.

    I think that all these factors put together are a sign the hobby is progressing in the right direction.

    The person i alluded to earlier in this reply can shed no light on the absence of the ex Lloyds range ( long term ) other than some short term difficulties they may have experienced...Yes a shame...

    Anyway...I will be in touch & talk soon...



  3. Sounds good to me Rod.....just call me Sven !