Thursday, 1 May 2014

Grass Conversion...


Just a very quick update on the last couple of posts...Many people contacted me to pass judgement on the selection of grass for the tunnel approach cuttings and portals.

Most who proffered that it was toooooo green are certainly correct and an hour or so this afternoon was taken to tone things down and try to bring it back to nature.  Some will note that the cutting sides have been toned down as well and this was certainly the plan all along.

My method of adjusting grass is to utilise a shaver ( multi blade is best ) and shave...or mow... the grass to the required uneven height and remove completely from some parts...again to avoid uniformity.  Then out comes the airbrushes and these tools can certainly change the look as well as covering up a multitude of sins.

So please take a look at the "after" shots and any comments good or bad will at least help me to decide on the methods going forward...


  1. Rod,
    I would never have thought of using a shaver.

    It's coming along and seems to tie in better with the lower area around the river. Do you plan to do more work on the area above the tunnel portals to soften the demarcation line?

    cheers Phil

  2. Phil,

    The shaver idea came to me a year or so ago and came about because I had seen many layouts where static grass had been used and as much as it looked great...the length of grass was too uniform. I had used scissors for a time and then migrated to the shaver which not only allows for the grass length to be varied...but also allows the removed grass to be "raked up" and then recycled.

    To answer your second question...yes the above portal area is yet to be done. There will be a transition to a rocky type of "cliff face" and then the above area will be a tree line and scrub etc...which will also hide the transition to a yet to be installed back scene.

    As I stated in one of the posts...this portal area is a trial area that needs to be changed, added to and modified until I am happy as the methodology will then be used for the remainder of the layout.

    I also thank you for your frank appraisal of the earlier grass incarnation as "to the point" feedback is important...

    Tis all fun!

    Talk Soon,


  3. G'day Rod,

    I've been following your progress with interest and I like the shaving idea for the static grass.

    Some constructive feedback; I the current shades of green ties in better with the earlier scenery you did on the riverbank. I would probably try to go drier still and aim for a little more yellow, but you may be trying to represent a better period of rainfall, in which case it looks just right. Just my two cents. I like how you have a range of undulation in the terrain from front to back as well as from right to left too.