Sunday, 11 May 2014

Captain's Flat... Part 2


Just a short update on the ore loader project.  Spent most of the day celebrating Mother's Day and then spent a few hours this afternoon moving ahead and completing the unloading ramp shed frame.  I thought it timely to get a couple of shots now as when the corrugated sheeting is installed, the timber detail will disappear under a layer of simulated iron.

As simple a structure as this is...there have been many parts requiring rejigging prior to fitment.  A testimony to the builders of the prototype structure structure some 70 odd years ago and also a legacy of me not sticking rigidly to the scale drawings that I created over the last few weeks.

The next step will be daunting and this entails the initial weathering of the timber before sheeting occurs.  Some of the timber is very minute and any over exuberance with the weathering mix could create some it will be steady as she goes.  I may utilise an airbrush in this instance to limit the wetting of the timber and give it many coats over a couple of days...

The weighman's hut will be also completed this week... but as it is positioned under the ramp, it is really a separate structure and can be treated accordingly and will only be permanently positioned once everything is setup on a diorama...

I hope the latest photos give a better perspective of the loader for those not familiar with the prototype...

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