Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Another Track "Possession"


The last couple of nights has yielded some more progress on the "black holes" tunnel area.  I have utilised this location to trial some different types and grades of static grass to work out a blend to carry through to the rest of the layout.  While it may seem a waste, it is a good trial area as a fair proportion of the grass will give way to bushes, trees, scrub and the normal debris found on some errors here will not be of a significant nature in the overall scheme of things.
I am undecided about the trialled product colours but they do appear to me to be a touch too "summery"... to my eyes anyway...

While working on this area I have decided to go ahead and continue the old "up main" ( nearest track to camera on the double track tunnel portal ) which acts as a loop and shunting neck at present.  It has been my intention to have track access to the under construction "modelling room" and as such have decided to utilise the "up main" to access this room.  The changes will mean that the subject track will continue into the second layout room hidden by a divider from the existing branch line...parallel the existing down main ( around two walls )  while all the time slowly climbing to a height that allows the track to cross over the down main on a skew angle and then enter the modelling room through another tunnel through the wall.  This track will allow transfer of stock to and from this room for repairs/maintenance etc. without the need to handle them.  It may well end up that this line will become a defacto branch line with the ability to stable and or marshal trains or if I get around to it...a branch terminus may be built in the modelling room. Time will tell...

Anyway another couple of shots of progress thus far...



  1. Rod

    While the colours represent more of a summer blend, that is after decent soaking rain, why not try some dry grass over the top in layers? Even winter grasses can be green tinged under the drier or frost bitten top layers.

    Besides that & allowing for the good work, 3 blog posts in a matter of the same amount of days is hard to handle & I think you must have too much time on your hands.



  2. Rod,

    From the colours as they appear on my monitor, it certainly does appear to be a very wet summer. You may need to add some more water to your river. However, I am also aware that some photos tend to highlight the green when compared to other hues.

    I'm not sure what mix of colours you have been using but a higher proportion of dry grass or beige colours should reduce the green bias. Recently I have tried spreading a light cover of traditional scatter material (along the lines of the spring grass colour) and then overlaying it with the static grass mix with a heavy bias towards straw and dead grass. It is intended to give the impression of new grass coming up under the older dryer longer grass. To date it seems to be working. It really depends on the season you want to show.

    cheers Phil