Friday, 1 March 2013

More On The 422s...Under The Bonnet

Hi All,

I have now had a chance to look under the bonnet of the Auscision 422s.  One reason was purely curiosity & the other issue was to determine my next move to get these locos "to talk".

It is a very simple procedure to remove the shell of the loco & Auscision should be applauded for the way in which they have made this operation completely painless.  There are no wires connecting the shell to the chassis & no detail items, couplers etc that need to be removed at all in the process.  The magic is all down to contact pads on the loco main board & contacts housed within the shell. Just carefully grip the shell & lift off the chassis...easy peasy.  With this in mind it is important that the loco shell & chassis are re-mated in the correct orientation as misalignment of these contacts would cause issues.

Upon examination of the internals & speaker enclosures, I have decided to go with the DCC Sound Loksound install on both locos & following a chat with Mike from DCC Sound... have placed & paid for an order for 2 units.  He is at this stage awaiting delivery of his 422 units so a complete install & testing regime can be undertaken before release of the finished decoder project to the public.  He is quietly confident that the release of the "kit"  should occur next week & so i have another week to just admire my two 422s in thier quiet state.

I have included some under the bonnet shots for those interested.

 Chassis sans shell
 Close up of main board... of interest is the 3 contact pads ( one marked TRWK ) these are the contact pads for the shell "connection"
 One of the speaker enclosures...
 Chassis & shell side by side
 Contact pins visible in the shell...A cordless shell!!!

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