Thursday, 28 February 2013

422s Have Arrived.


The postman "Played Well Done Good" today with the delivery of the long awaited order for Auscision's 422s

I ordered 42201 & 42205 as delivered & thought i would post a couple of shots to celebrate the arrival.

Out of the box, they are impressive in every detail.  I can't wait to fit DCC & a voicebox & in this instance I may just order a couple of Loksound "projects" from DCCSound in Victoria when they are available.  This will allow me to sample the latest that Loksound has to offer & who knows I may be a part time convert.  With this in mind I am not in a position to offer an opinion of running qualities...

Following all of the mixed comments regarding locos being released with crews at both ends, it is probably understandable that Auscision have decided to include crewing at one end only ( unless mine missed out on a relief crew )

At this early stage...the only item i see that will be an issue is the sander pipes.  These items may be a pest as time goes by as they are very fine & can be dislodged quite easily & may well pickup on points etc etc...

Anyway all in all a very nice model of a fine NSWGR prototype.

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