Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We Are There!!!


Well it has been a long grind & we have learn't much....but we have reached the final design on our first bridge release.

Lots of changes along the way have been made so the end result will be first class ( in our eyes ) while being as easy as possible to construct.  Hopefully over the coming weekend we will be able to box them up & release the first offering.  We are under the pump to have this first kit & the rest of the range replenished & ready for the Canberra Exhibition later this month.

So what has been changed or improved...

Firstly we have included as much simulated bolt detail as possible.  The decision has been made to also stick with a one piece bent which incorporates the 5 piles, headstock & bottom sill as one unit with only the precut & detailed cross bracing to be installed.  We have also modified the one piece main girder & corbel assemblies to incorporate a rebate so the bents can be aligned with ease & give a more solid joint without detracting from the finished bridge appearance.

On the two outer girder assemblies  (5 girders in total ) we have also added etched spacing & guide lines to aid in installing the handrail staunchions & indeed we have also incorporated scale birch timber in lieu of basswood for the handrails ( guardrails ) themselves .  The birch is a lot more flexible than basswood & to my eyes looks more prototypical.  Lastly we have also added basswood footings with an etched guideline to aid in positioning the bents.

Believe it or not the construction time has been cut to around 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours excluding drying time.  The most time consuming task is installing the handrail staunchions...but is made dead easy due to the guidelines.

I am sure you have seen plenty of bridge photos on this blog...but please take a look at the shots & indeed compare them to our earlier "masters"

This release will initially be for a single track span with a double to follow within a couple of weeks.  The following releases will be of the angled approach versions in single & double configuration.

Girder detail showing rebates for bents & headstocks....

The 2 outer girders have etched lines for guardrail staunchion alignment & spacing....kerbing fitted as well

Birch handrails fitted....The actual model will also have bolt detail for the handrails....yep forgot.
This is why we build so many before releasing.

One piece bent assemblies with cross bracing & foorings fitted.

Footings with alignment for bents
The finished animal...


  1. Nice....very nice, Rod. We wants one, yes we do!! Is the kit available from Gwydir Valley models seeing as I won't be able to get to Canberra?

    Great work.


  2. Rob,

    Thanks for the comments...Yes Waz will have them as he will be taking our range to the Canberra Exhibition. Hence why i am under the pump...He is a pushy shit!!!

    They will be available via Gwydir Valley or through our ebay store until we can come up with a better plan than ebay. If neither of these suits...just contact direct.

    Keep in mind they are not a "Limited Edition" marketing ploy & will be available as long as i keep breathing & basswood is available.