Sunday, 10 March 2013

World Of Tanks & Gauge Confused


In a recent post i discussed our foray back into 7mm scale via a request to upsize our tank stand kit for Gary at The Model Railroad Craftsman.....Well last week i recieved a parcel from him which i thought would contain the 7mm tank master for final fitting to our stand which would allow us to progress to production of the final components.  Imagine my confusion when the master concerned turned out to be a nicely turned out rapid prototyped HO version of a single panel height cast tank......After a flurry of phone calls it turns out that Gary wasn't so surprised...

The tank is quite a specimen with all prototype detail beautifully recreated.  A check of on hand plans prove that this tank is true in every detail including very close to scale wall thickness.   What is different about this sample is that the tank is a one piece unit with the inclusion of an infill casting that not only portrays the tank to be "full of water" but also includes internal corner bracing bracketry protruding through the water level and to finish things off nicely a prototypical half submerged filling valve float!  Gary tells me that the kit will also feature all corner bracing truss rods & turnbuckles.

Any further enquiries regarding the tank & release date should be directed to Gary via his shop....

Anyway I have included a couple of shots of the master assembled and atop one of our timber tank stands.  We are certainly being spoilt for water tank choice in recent times.

Have a great week!!!


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