Sunday, 2 September 2012

Apology Due & An Update...


While all was ready to list the Station Facing kits on Ebay last weekend, Murphy struck & the plans went awry.

Anyway i can confirm they are now listed & available on "That Site"....And my apologies for jumping the gun in the last post..

For anyone requiring a longer facing...please contact direct & we will try & solve any dilemmas re length ( Facings That Is! )

While preparing the Ebay listing i figured i should attempt some better shots & following some photographic advice from Ray Pilgrim I feel i am improving a little.

While on the subject of Ray... I was gobsmacked to read his latest Bylong post & the words of encouragement offered by him in regard to our products.   I did not expect the review given..... I offer my humblest thanks to him & to others who have taken the time to make contact & offer same. 

Following his post...I would ask Ray to enlarge ( via the Bylong blog ) on the use of pastels as a weathering medium especially for timber as the use of liquids does take some time to master & any alternatives & methods would be valuable.

Anyway,  as much as our growing range is but a minute bit of the aussie model supply landscape, the feedback good or bad allows us to shape the future of things to come.

The release of the Station Facing Kit now finalises the re-release of our range from a few years ago & clears the decks to commence releases of "new" kits.  We here are looking forward to that milestone. ( Or is that millstone??? )

BTW.... No progress on the layout this week... Things don't look any better this week either...I will stay positive!!!

Anyway....i have included the shots included in the ebay listing

Original Facing...Before Installation Of Our Facing Kit

And After Installation...

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  1. Certainly look good Rod & an order has been sent.

    Would also be a wonderful compliment to the facings if the station was also offered as a sale item, down the track anyway.

    I agree with in regard to Ray's weathering method, also his use of the loading dock facing for a small station is an excellent use also, & worth considering.