Friday, 24 August 2012

Next....Timber- Station Platform Facing Kits.


Tis Friday again...not sure where the weeks go.  Has been a very busy week here & looks like being the same for the weekend & with plenty of work in hand i can't see things changing until probably February....I guess it is a case of "Make Hay While The Sun Shines".  While on the subject of the sun shining....crap weather & power outages have been the order of the week around here with today returning to colder conditions & a wind that would blow a dog off a chain.

On a brighter note the next release is almost ready to go & will most probably appear on Ebay sometime over the weekend.  The station facing kits that we first released some 7 years ago have been revived & are being packed in between "real" work, cups of tea & blogging.  I initially had visions of breaking down this model into bits small enough to fit in a post pack box but felt that this move would compromise the integrity of the kit.  In the past we have packed & mailed the kit in postage tubes so that the main components are one piece & this allows for ease & speed of construction while maintaining the inherent strength & rigidity of the finished article.  After taxing the brain for a few nights it has been decided to stay with what works & no changes to the kit or packaging will be made.  Presently we have produced & packed components for around 25 units which should suffice for a while.

For those unaware of the details of the kit......It is roughly based on the facing located at Crookwell featuring recycled timber sheeting with square piles...although we plan to look at new timber & round piles in the future.  The kit comes with ample instructions & pack notes....some would say too many!!!....To them I say Phoooeey!!!

BTW there are some shots of the facings in an earlier post for those interested... 

Dimensions are:  575mm platform length with the two wings bringing the total to 690mm in HO......or almost spot on 60 metres overall in BIG Scale......We will be making available an extension kit.....for those where length matters!!??......just contact us direct.

While talking scales.... we originally released this in O as well as HO & while the HO version was very popular... as I remember the interest was only luke warm for the O... so in the quest for equality i will produce O on request & this also goes for other selected items from our range. those people that have contacted me off blog & have expressed a desire for a custom length facing...thank you for your interest & be patient for a week or so & i will be in touch to see if each request is feasible.....

That's about it for now... I am really starting to hanker for some work on the layout & models to begin & indeed the airbrush spat at me as i walked past it yesterday!!!....hmmm maybe next week???



Kits Being Prepared....

A shot showing the facing being fitted to an existing station....sorry about the poor quality of the shot.

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