Sunday, 23 September 2012

What To Do With Those Old Wagons ?...


With the absolute plethora of brilliant RTR models available now & in the pipeline is it any wonder that the average modeller now has to deal with the cupboards full of finished & not so finished kits. I refer to them as UFOs..."Unfinished Objects"

It was with the above thoughts in mind that i surveyed the 30 or so stock wagons that have been stored awaiting the time when they would have a place on the layout. Even though the bulk of the models have been adequately detailed & in most cases weathered etc... they certainly do not have that certain X factor that is available off the shelf today.  Ebaying them in order to finance the purchase of replacements would only serve to rub salt into the wound when one looks at the amount of time & effort taken in construction & the meagre prices that would be achieved.  I think at the end of the day i will in most cases just accept what i have & not be lured into doubling the fleet for the sake of it.

So now i have settled that mental dilemma...what to do with all of those kits still waiting patiently in their respective poly bags & faded header cards...

Since i moved to Goulburn over 10 years ago i have been amazed at the uses i have seen for redundant railway stock both from a commercial & private sense.  I feel certain that this would be the case in any town that is close to the railway.

I know that the use of such features to create cameo scenes in the modelling world is not new... but thought it timely to post a few shots of what can be gleaned around here.

There are other more obscure examples such as the MLE with concrete deck that allows golfers easy accesss across a creek to the 8th Green & 9th Tee at Goulburn Golf Club & a now marooned louvre van used as freight storage inside the Goulburn Freight shed &  when time permits i will post shots of these.

BCW put to good use as a tac room & stable.....still shows signs of teal blue paint.... 

Another angle...

A couple of the GLX family being used as day stables at the local pony club....
I am assuming that the furthest from camera was maybe a NLBX as there are added plates visible on upper diagonal ends of the wagon sides....Either way both are fitted with X code boards denoting bogie exchange.

According to a member of the pony club...the wagons were aquired sometime around 1995...

As an aside.... there was another NLBX complete with Banana Boards & signage still very visible in rotten row in Goulburn Yard up until a few years ago...not sure if it was preserved or gas axed ?   

Another View...

Have a great week...


  1. Rod

    There is always the case to get say one pack of the RTR models especially the 4wheel CW's, as they are a different model to what has been produced in kit form.

    One thing though is that you are right in regard to why buy something especially when you already have some of the same, & represent a lot of work, & there's nothing wrong with them.

    I have old kits of S wagons, that I built many years ago, & have fallen apart in some areas, I will fix what I can & have them in a short depot road as stationary rubbish vehicles.

    One of the more popular items of R/S that was puchased in the past were RU's & used as on farms for storage of wheat & other grains

  2. Hi Rod,

    The NLBX from Goulburn yard is safe. It now resides at the rear of the GRHC. Pop up one day and have a look at all of the goodies out the back.

    One vehicle of particular interest to me is the only known survivor of the U trucks. It was left loaded with some coal and this caught fire, damaging the body and destroying the timber floor. Not in good order but it is salvageable.

    Happy days,


  3. Rod,

    a few months ago five BSV bodies were uncovered during works at Auburn (i.e. back of Clyde Wagon Works). I was called to assess the wagons and have a few photos of them in place.