Saturday, 16 August 2014

Time To Build...


With the besser block trial now out of the way, it was time to begin incorporating the end product and commence construction of a structure.  At this stage I really have no intended final position for this structure, but as the design and style lends itself to many differing types of should find a home as a complimentary structure to one of the industries planned for the layout.

The basic construction for this shed will be... besser block foundation to a suspended concrete dock level... with the skeleton being steel columns with timber truss roof frame and clad in corrugated asbestos and once I am happy with the overall material mix, the same methodology will be adapted to a few other planned industries.  At this stage, the task at hand is to marry everything together and end up with a believable end product.

To aid in construction, an acrylic base was machined with the structure footprint and column locations laid out.  This has taken a fair amount of  "site survey" work out of the project and the pre-weathered columns were pretty much a press fit into the base.  The besser panels were fitted as the columns went along...not unlike a panel fence construction.  I had visions of constructing the roof trusses from a smaller size of RSJ or ( H section steel )...but in order to move construction along and because of the fact the roof trusses will be largely hidden...I reverted to laser cut basswood trusses.

I am now deciding whether to allow for internal rail access or just stick to external with one side of the structure being open for rail loading with an awning incorporated.  Irrespective of the final choice there will be an internal concrete ramp to allow forklift access from ground level.

I have incorporated some photos of the progress to date and as can be seen the end besser panels are yet to be fitted and this will be finalised once the internal rail and forklift issues are decided upon.  I have been able to use single sided besser panels in this structure, as the inside surfaces of these walls will not be visible once the deck slab is "poured"

As the structure is progressing I can see many variations upon the theme and these could be...A smaller incarnation that could be used as a package store in a petroleum depot, bagged wheat, flour or cement...while the overall methods could be adapted for many uses.

At the end of the day it is proving to be a very enjoyable project and I am looking forward to weathering and fitting the corrugated asbestos cladding...




  1. Rod

    As usual your work is looking great. The laser really makes this sort of thing look easy but I know from my fiddling around with 3D printing that a lot of time can be spent drawing the item and fine tuning. I am sure though that with your experience this would be no where as long as my efforts at the computer.

    We must talk again soon.


  2. Oh for a laser cutter! Those trusses look superb! I did something similar with my goods shed, but I hand made all my trusses from coffee stirrers using hand made jig.
    My daughter starts a new school this september and her DT dept has a laser cutter - I've plans for sneaking in requests :)