Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ash Buffers...Updates & A New Staff Member...


Things have been a bit slow around here for a couple of reasons...

As stated in an earlier post, we have been successful in getting Northeastern on side & have now been given a "distributorship" with them.  In essence all this gives us is a sizeable reduction in the price  which is really all we wanted so that we could then keep our kit prices as low as possible.  It also gives us a higher level of surety over the timing of orders & that is also of paramount importance.  We had placed a fairly sizeable order with them & thisincluded some materials that have never been readily available off the shelf over here.  As we were still awaiting a large final shipment from our existing Aussie supplier & were not sure whether we would get what we ordered.... I placed the US order on hold pending the outcome.  The Aussie order finally arrived here last week ( over 6 weeks late ) & as suspected was short to buggery & came with excuses that would make Julia Gillard proud!!!.... The upshot is that we have now confirmed & paid for the US order via airfreight & we should see it pretty soon.

The other reason things have been  a bit slower is that the "real" side of the business has ramped up significantly & this coupled with a relatively minor family drama killed off my plans of attending Loftus.... ah well we will aim for next year.

On the modelling front, I am pleased to say that the Ash Buffer Kits have been completed & listed on Ebay.

Ash Buffers....Are Go!!!

The 1/64th birch ply has arrived so we can commence trialling this product for the paling fence panels & hopefully commence production next week.   It will then be time to decide on the next release .... most probably the cream shed which is basically ready to go apart from some minor production mods & the instructions...most important!!!

I will also take a look at the station facing kits & i guess the coal stage & bridges should follow.
As for the new employee.... Ah yes..."Sleeper" arrived a couple of weeks back & has certainly changed the dynamics around here...her big brother "Loco" is showing her the ropes & she has taken a shine to the models....so all is good!!!

I should have employed her on a 3 month trial though....

Ahhhh & where is the feed dish???

The weather is showing slight signs of the impending spring ( except the severe frosts ) the days are getting longer & soon i will be able to spend some time on the layout...I have placed an order for a few SDS reduced price oil pots & these should arrive in the next day or so & certainly spark some enthusiasm for kicking over the airbrush compressor.  I have been doing some scenery bits & pieces in the last few weeks & will post as real progress is made.



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  1. Hi Rod
    Good to see things on the move at LRB again !
    Look forward to the release of the cream shed and the other kits in the pipe line.
    I stained up another crossing to go on Werris Ck, a lighter colour than the last one to simulate it being a "newer" installation. Had the same issue with the timber curling up along the grain but after a few days and a couple of drops of acrylic thinners on the opposite side it flattened out ok.

    Loftus went well, shame you couldnt make it, always next year.

    Look forward to the next update.