Sunday, 1 July 2012

Loading Banks & Buffers...


Another busy day...& we are happy to add our Loading Bank Facing kits to our Laser Rail Bits range...

They are available on ebay & have posted some shots here...

I have posted some shots of the Timber Ash Buffer" kits which will follow this week...

BTW all of these kits will be available in "O" Gauge when time permits...

Have a great night....

Bolt Detail In Capping....

Ash Buffer Finished Kit

Ash Buffer Detailed & Raw


  1. Rod

    The real NSWGR ash filled buffers didn't have the side braces. The Uneek kit is also the same as yours.
    At least the copy of the NSWGR plan I have shows no side braces, time to check some photos.

    Ray P

  2. Ray,

    Thanks for your comment.

    When i first reasearched & commenced production of this kit well over 7 years ago...There were not many examples left that were fit to be relied upon for originality. Therefore any available photos & info were perused for proofing.

    I would draw you to an example at Lake Cargelligo turntable road...apart from other info i hold on file there is a photo of that ash buffer in Branchline Modeller No.2 Page 42 which clearly shows the recycled sleepers being used as braces.

    As i state clearly in all of the kits we manufacture...there are variations on the theme on just about every piece of railway infrastructure ever built in NSW...I can only present a kit on a known example at a given moment in time...

    The beauty of kits is that the modeller can leave out any detail that he or she decides this case it is just a decision to omit the braces...



  3. Rod

    I certainly understand that the braced version would have existed later in their life and there is the option as you say of leaving them off. What I don't like about the Uneek one is the there is a cast indentation where the braces touch the uprights which shouldn't be there as original.

    I really like what you are doing with these kits.

    Please contact me at rpilgrim at bigpond dot net dot au.

    Ray P

  4. Hi Rod.On a the last trip to Boorowa 2013 there are a couple of ash buffer stops, while one is falling apart the other has bracing on the end. So I think there is a prototype variation or two for just about anything on the good old NSWGR.
    Regards Peter

  5. Peter,
    Thanks for your comment. Certainly what I have found is that if you blindly follow what the departmental drawings will certainly be disappointed. I always use the analogy of a project home builder...he may have a design called the "Belair"...and if you visited every example of this particular style...they would all display differences...some subtle and some not so subtle. I have been closely studying infrastructure for many years ( as is my love) and it is amazing how many variations of a particular structure that are out there. Of course changes to some have occurred throughout the life of the example due to repairs and modifications...but in the end you are quite correct...almost anything you can imagine has most likely graced the prototype at some stage or another...Thanks again for your comment
    Regards, Rod