Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Mental Toecutter Has Been...


In my last post i described a dip in enthusiasm regarding the layout proper & my desire to change direction for a couple of weeks.  Well this change began with a stocktake of rollingstock, kits pending completion, structures requiring finishing off etc etc.... These are known in our house as U.F.Os. ( Un-Finished Objects )

It didn't take long to realise that if i lived to celebrate my 127th birthday then i might be in with a show to complete the drawer after draw & box after box of STUFF...Oh & then there is the layout itself!!!

All purchases start off with the boldest of intentions but when the reality all know the story.

With all the talk of federal budgets looming & belt tightening i figured it was time to take a leaf out of the treasurers book & weed out all of the bits & pieces that in all honesty have little chance of ever seeing the light of day let alone a pair of rails.....Ahhh the power of the press!!!

First to get a start on ebay was a Stephen Johnson CPH 38 Kit, followed by a couple of unfinished  railmotors 401 & 403...(as purchased) a couple of 4 packs of Auscision undecorated NGPFs...after all i have amassed  way too many of these and unless i plan to include the Port Kembla Wheat Terminal in the layout & spend a few more months of painting & weathering etc....then i think i have enough...

A few more bits of rollingstock were listed & i figured that the Toecutter audit had been completed.

It was then i found the 12 packs of Walthers piping kits that i had purchased from the US to give me all the valves, piping & pumping equipment i would ever need for my yet to be built oil depots....Great idea & forward thinking at the time...but why 12???

I could put this decision down to any number of excuses centering around ignorance ...but the fact is i spent a large part of my working life in and around terminals & refineries....So i will just stick to the old "they were cheap at the time" reasoning.

So it would appear that the Toecutter will need to list again & while i am at it i guess i should do something about the 15 or so tunnel portals i purchased due to my inability to decide which looked more prototypical to the Aussie variety.

Well at least with all this going on, the lack of creative juices where the layout is concerned is turning into a new found enthusiasm....anything is better than sorting through the piles of stuff that were neatly packed away in boxes & drawers under the layout....not hurting anyone.....

Ah well back to my ebay page to see how things are going & calculate how many packs of oil pots ( NTAFs) i will be able to afford when the sales are over!!!......Maybe i will not need to list the packs of piping kits after all...



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