Friday, 18 May 2012

Fish River Revisited...Or "Take Two"


Well... 24 hours after a downpour ( of casting resin ) Fish River is flowing again!!!

All looks good & it would seem the technology used on this occasion has worked a treat.

Not a lot of heat generated in the curing process & almost nil smell....

One word of advice, if you are planning to ever use this method, go really easy on the chosen colour pigments.

As they used to say in the Pecks Paste ads...A little Pecks goes a long way!!!

Have posted some shots of the river in flood & yes i know....this location is getting a bit boring....just like the hack spot at top bridge in the Cullerin Range!!!!

Mind you with the little progress so far in the landscaping stakes....This is as good as it gets...Better than bare gyprock walls.



  1. Andrew Rosenbauer18 May 2012 at 21:12


    Don't knock the hack spot at Top Bridge. It is one of the hardest places to shoot a train.

    On topic. I really love your work. From the photos you have posted you have done a great job.



  2. Rosie..

    Bugger...i didn't know you were reading this...mind you it had the desired effect!!!....Now if only Grebo would bite...

    Thanks for your comments, you will have to drop in for a visit & cuppa...when you run out of hack spots of course..


  3. Rod
    I'll add a second "luv your work" to this round. That water looks great, true inland river tones.
    Time to start picking your brains...what brand resin did you use and what did u use to tint it ??
    I may just take you up on that offer on a day off to.

  4. Garry,

    Thanks for the kind comments...

    The resin bit is probably a bit too much to go into here.

    Mind you if others are interested i will devote a post to it as there are obviously pitfalls & a case of " why reinvent the wheel"

    In the meantime drop me an email & i will either send a reply or will forward telephone numbers & do it that way.

    My email address is:

    Hope to talk soon & of course a visit is always welcome.