Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lest We Forget

Well it is Anzac Day tomorrow...A time to take a moment & reflect on the brave people who sacrificed their way of life & in too many cases their very lives to ensure we have the quality of life we share today....An inspiration to say the least.

Anzac Day indeed holds another significance in this part of the world & that is a meteorological one.  Anzac Day normally heralds the beginning of cold weather here in the tablelands....an anecdotal approach for sure...but it is uncanny how the weather changes significantly within a few days.

I love the winters down here....plenty of time & excuses for indoor pursuits....perfect for a model railroader!!!

Even though i left Sydney over 10 years ago i still get calls from friends, clients & colleagues that invariably include some light hearted ribbing about my choice of destination & my lack of sanity for moving here...I never fail to have a chuckle to myself as these are the same people who religiously & lemming-like spend most winters driving backward & forward to the snowfields while spending thousands for the privilege.....and i am known as the retard???...Hmmmmmmmm

Anyway with that out of the way...back to modelling!!!

Scenery installation has commenced  in the Fish River area of the layout. To be precise i am concentrating on the River area with it's associated bridges & will work outward from there. I decided to use foam as the base material, shaped & covered with plaster bandage & then a final coat of  earth coloured plaster so any chips or scratches in the scenery will not reveal white... Something i learnt from a couple dioramas from years ago.

The plaster is taking an eternity to dry due to a combination of the weather & the insulating qualities of the shed.

I am not sure whether this is the best method for scenery....but until i try other methods it will suffice....ADVICE IS WELCOME

Will post some photos when i have some meaninful scenery completed...





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