Friday, 27 June 2014

Nearly Time To Move In!!!


Well this weekend should see the completion of the long awaited modelling room.  Windows to be cleaned, 4 gang power point to be fitted and if I am lucky the girls might organise a cake or some other fat inducing treats to mark the occasion. I can't see a full blown house warming party anytime a piece of cake and a cuppa will suffice.  I should also add that the wood rack will also be relocated to the main shed and my trusty old roll-top, station masters desk will come out of storage and sit in it's place.

There has been a bit of rethinking, with the original room plan incorporating the airbrush cabinet and extraction system.  This will now be sited ( along with a paint cabinet ) in a yet to be completed setup out in the main part of the shed.  It will be great to finally be able to setup the solder stations, another computer for decoder programming, TV, radio and other tools and machinery in a permanent location that can be left at the end of a modelling session without the need to completely reconfigure the room which is what I have to do now when modelling inside the house.  I also have a fair quantity of railway plates, lamps, castings and memorabilia that will now find a home and who the next few weeks I may just install the upper quadrant signal and lamps outside the shed to finally establish that the shed is indeed a fully fledged rail nut paradise!

The attached shots show the shed almost inhabitable with the benches and all lining complete, floating floor installed and surface mounted power now available on both sides of the shed.  I decided to run the 240V power in conduit well away from the bench tops as I did not want any issues when the layout power bus is brought into the room with the arrival of the repair road branch.  It may interest some that the cabling that can be seen coming through the wall in at least one of the shots was once the power supply for the outdoor "Gauge 1" empire that once circumnavigated the backyard...I have left all power in situ for the possibility that one day it may be resurrected...cannot see this happening anytime soon, but as all cabling was laid in a tidy grid pattern housed in buried seemed silly to pull it all up.  I will just fit a junction box in the modelling room and terminate the cables neatly.

I have also included a shot that shows just where the "repair branch" will enter the room and once the timber rack is removed...I will have better access to this location and will soon reroute the layout main lines ( as discussed in the last post ) and prepare for the excavation and tunnelling of the wall that divides the layout room with the modelling room.

And so another project is coming to fruition...slowly but surely the shed is becoming the area that I had envisaged it to be all those years ago. Oh and before someone poses the question regarding colour scheme for the modelling room...don't I hate painting ( models excepted ).  In the interim the room will remain  "a la naturale".

Timber rack to be replaced with the desk and all is in readiness...

Location of the entrance of the "repair branch"

Plenty of wall space for all things "trains"


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