Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Clear Bench...Finally!


Following an up and down 12 months, I have finally cleared the bench of custom orders and the feeling could not be better....and I would suggest the customer in question will be celebrating as well!!!

The subject of this post is the G2 goods shed and while I was not responsible for the building of the shed itself, I undertook to build the decking, ramp and steps...or in essence the substructure.

I have built many goods sheds over the years but the difference with this one was my desire to construct it utilising absolute scale timber components.  While I strive to build everything on a true to scale basis...sometimes during construction and (visualising where it will be placed on the layout) certain minor deviations are necessary to ensure long term durability of the item.  Normally the decking thickness is where the compromise occurs. Slightly thicker decking makes the construction progress much quicker and the final item will withstand all but the most careless of treatment.

This item however, will end up in the hands of a friend and seasoned pushing the boundary on this project was an easy choice and I am sure he will stick it to me if it does not live up to expectations.  I have however left the weathering and ageing for him to finish to taste...

The only components where a compromise was still necessary were in the piles... and this is largely due to the lack of commercially available round dowel in either basswood or balsa, in the required sizes.  I am guessing that as more and more "ready to place" lineside items become available...any chance of manufacturers expanding these ranges of products will most likely evaporate.

Another positive outcome from this construction was that I have finally perfected a simple method for "mass production" of the piles including the rebates where the piles fit the bearers.  This has bugged me for quite a while as I have tried making jigs for the Proxxon saw table, but the results were always inconsistent.  Anyway this impediment is now a thing of the past and with the aid of some specialised jigs the laser has showed it's superiority in this department.

And so this week the substructure will head to it's new home and be "topped" with a shed and other infrastructure.  Like everything that leaves here...I do look forward to seeing some photos of the completed structure in place and earning a living. 

I wonder what will grace the bench next...


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