Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Change In Direction...


Has been a while between posts and a few more decisions regarding the layout/hobby etc. have been made.  In an earlier post I touched on some of the influencing factors regarding my involvement in the hobby and where I derive the greatest enjoyment.  These factors coupled with work and family commitments has led me to the decision to moth ball the layout and liquidate a fair amount of  locos,  rollingstock, buildings,  etc.

While I recognise that I am not alone in regards to all of the pressures that family, work and life in general puts upon us...I am just finding it difficult to achieve all of these things adequately and still feel comfortable in my own skin.
I have noticed for some time that my leaning towards "building" rather than "running" has been growing and my frustrations at not being able to adequately attend to these pursuits has been weighing heavily for far too long.  Indeed I have a few "foreign orders" that have been sitting partially completed for some time and they need to be finalised as well and I thank these people for the patience shown...well I have not received any death threats so that is a plus!!!.

The lack of progress on the Laser Rail Bits range is also a determining factor in all of the decision making as the development of these items is certainly a happily self imposed commitment... and presently is not moving at the speed that I feel comfortable with.  I am tired of the stop start approach as time permits and this also has to change.

The decision to liquidate the majority of layout stuff may seem drastic to some...but I suffer from the problem of too many distractions and if the distractions do not exist then...problem solved.  I will be keeping a fair amount of items and equipment that will be utilised in building dioramas and mini dioramas and I look forward to being able to commence work on this aspect of the hobby as soon as things settle down.  As for the layout room, well this room has been built with a fair amount of creature comforts and alternative uses in mind and if it never sees a completed layout it will never go to waste.  I will complete the modelling room as I will still need an area away from "family life" and an area that will allow airbrushing and construction of some items.

The family has asked me about the future of the Blog and I do not see many changes occurring.  The Blog was initially started to follow the trials and tribulations of a self confessed  "dribbler" and his quest to build a layout.  Along the way a smattering of  Laser Rail Bits posts crept in and this has been valuable in discussing these items prior to manufacture and gauging reactions both good and bad from fellow modellers. It will continue in the same vein as a place to post my thoughts, ramblings and the latest topic that I am dabbling in and hopefully will continue as a place for exchange of ideas etc.

I have learnt a lot since embarking on what has become known as Fish River and even though the layout is far from complete, there are a multitude of skills that I have been able to hone and certainly some long held fears that have been overcome and if the future lends itself to a new beginning in the layout phase...the lessons will not have been wasted. 

So where am I up to in the "Life Change" program....

The streamlining and transition of my main "real" business is nearly complete and we have now almost settled into a routine of an acceptable and predictable workload.  From the Laser Rail Bits perspective...we are now working towards completion of  re-stocking the entire range and making ready the "Wheel Painting Jig" and the "Trestle Range" for market.  I will commence work on the "Camden Line Wayside Stations" project in the next few weeks and this may present an opportunity to build to order as well as offer kits.  Of course a priority now exists to "decommission" the layout and make ready items that will be liquidated...a daunting prospect but necessary.  Benches, track and electricals will stay for the moment...but most structures, stations, rollingstock and locos etc will find new homes...

Thanks to everyone for the last few years...the contacts and mateships established are all greatly appreciated and hopefully this aspect will not change.... Apart from the layout...nothing much will change...    




  1. Rod,

    Not an easy decision to make but if the interest and motivation are not there, it's best to move on to other interests. However, as you intend to keep some things (presumably the most treasured items) you will have the basis to start again.

    Rereading your "About Me", my guess is that you will start again in some form, if, for no other reason than the link all the dioramas together.

    cheers Phil

  2. Rod

    Life has many priorities, & often the problem is to actually find what & how to prioritise them.

    I for one have sincerely enjoyed your blog, & the progress of all things associated with it. It was not hard to see however, what was taking precedence over the time, as the primary layout has gone into the background, with the laser rail bits & your diorama ideas coming to the for which all look good, so all is not lost.

    I actually confess, & think I have previously regarding the layout or the running of trains being partly of lesser interest in recent times, owing to my enforced need to go along a quieter line, & construction of kits & scratchies has given me a heck of a lot of enjoyment, & some degrees of frustration, so its all part of the big scene & all parts are worthwhile.



  3. Good luck Rod with what ever you decide, a big call you've made
    Cheers Peter