Sunday, 28 October 2012

Water Tank Progress


In between chasing CPHs & keeping clear of snakes....I have made progress on the Elevated Water Tank Project

Thought i would post some photos for comments...good or bad... all comments welcome.

The water tank stand in the photos is only a proof.  I will build probably 5 or 6 of these structures to ensure all dimensions are correct, all parts fit correctly, ensure we have the best method of  " ease of assembly"....and probably most important of all is that it just looks right.

At this point i take the opportunity to thank Ian Storrie from Ian Lindsay Models fame for his help & support thus far.

The tank which adorns the top of the structure is from his fine range.... I will look at other maker's tanks & designs as time goes along.

From the bottom up... I designed a base with pre spaced & cut holes for the columns. This base is made of MDF & while quite o/k for mock ups...the finished article will probably feature an acrylic base for sturdiness. This base / assembly jig certainly makes construction & alignment very easy.

The concrete footings are laser cut basswood & while they look o/k, I will probably look at getting some castings done with the grout mound etc...time will tell.

The columns & bearer assembly are a one piece affair with a laser line where the columns meet with the underside of the bearers to simulate the join...There are 4 of these assemblies that make up the bulk of the kit...very easy for assembly.  Other features are the cutouts in the top surface of the bearer at the correct depth & spacings which allow the joists to be installed accurately & with ease.  This design ensures a surprisingly sturdy finished article.  While on the bearers & joists... we have captured the chamfered top & rounded bottom of each component end.

So what is left to do... The diagonal bracings will now be fabricated & plumbing investigated...No promises here, but i will explore options for inclusion of this feature.

As much as i have followed departmental plans so far... I will need to modify some things along the way....for example the bearers & joists need to be lengthened to accomodate the tank & allow for the slight overhang beyond the tank.

So there you have it....I will post some more shots throughout the week as mods are applied & bracings are completed.

One piece column & bearer assembly...

Bearer & joist detail....note simulated join between column & bearer...

Overview of the stand...sans tank


  1. Rod

    It's looking good so far.


  2. Rod

    Looks very good, I have also found photographic evidence that shows some of these tanks also had rounded main posts. I will try & relocate them & send on for you.

    As I have one of Ians tanks & a Casuala version, I am certainly after one of each at least. As I have need for a couple of extra tanks.

  3. Hey Rod

    That looks fantastic! i jusst ordered a tank from Ian, so i cant wait till that stand is on the market! ill be getting one for sure!

  4. G'day Rod.

    That will go nicely with my recently purchased ILM tank!

    Put me down for one please!