Saturday, 13 October 2012

It Must Be Spring...In The Big G.


Just before i pen a layout related post.... Just thought i would add these pics taken last Thursday night & Friday morning.

Goulburn has always had Attention Deficit Disorder where the seasons are concerned...& last week was no exception.

Indeed many years ago it snowed in Goulburn on Christmas Day....I questioned this but sure enough it is in the records...

The snow started to fall at around 11pm Thursday & stopped at around 8am Friday...

I personally love the snow as it adds another dimension to living here...

The main southern line taken from out the front at around 5am Friday...

Same location just looking back at the Hacienda

My Car...

Hmmm Boss's Car....Not Happy Jan!!!

In the backyard.... The site of the long closed Rocky Ponds Southern
G gauge railway empire...

I am having a Sickie Today....


  1. Hey Rod,
    Half your luck to live in the Big G. My Parents had a Hamburger Store / Truck stop in G in the '50's so I've always had a soft spot for the place. That plus it snows as well....sweeeeet


  2. Bit of a theme with the number plates Rod !....but a good one !

    1. Gary,

      Re the plates...They are a bit of a fad in Goulburn as i was to learn on my arrival here...I had 3801 as well...but after around 10 years of wearing them i got pulled up by the police around 4 years ago & was told the plates i had were reported as stolen....I was taken to the police station for questioning & after a couple of hours the RTA informed the police that my plates should have never been issued & the stolen plates in question were indeed a previous set from years past. Sooo the long & the short is that after apologies all around, my plates were confiscated & a new set offered by the RTA & hence now 3201....

      Yeh i know sounds a bit Ripleys...but can assure you it happened.