Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Layout Needs Industries!!


This post is probably putting the cart before the horse...

I have enjoyed building the Walthers range of buildings ( industries ) over the years & to my eyes some have certain universal qualities & if detailed correctly can certainly pass for Australian.

So i decided that the layout would require amongst other things...a smallgoods factory...DON Smallgoods to be precise.

I have sited this industry on a diorama which has made construction possible at any time due to it's portability.

I have just finished building the boiler for the boiler house & took some progress shots...

The boiler house will eventualy be detailed with internals, stack & piping rack connected to the factory etc etc

It then occurred to me that i have no shots of the diorama.

So over the next few days i will take those shots & post...but until then here is the boiler sited inside the quite substantial incomplete boiler house.



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