Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Virgin Posting.....Welcome To The Blog


Well setting up a BLOG was easier than i thought....Of course i will now attempt to add as much info & photos as i can on the proposed NSW based HO Layout that after many years of navel gazing is now in its first weeks of construction.


The shed to house the layout has been built...well in honesty the shed has existed as an 8 metre x 12metre colourbond shed for around 7 years & has served me well as a getaway from the humdrum of life & family....but as i approach 50 and following a couple of failed attempts at a G scale "Empire" in our sizeable backyard....I have decided that it is now or never & if i am to keep the support of my ever suffering wife and family....The Time Has Come!!!

Earlier this year we commenced a fairly extensive renovation of our house & the idea dawned that while the builders were here it would be a good idea to take advantage of this & use them to help build a room in the shed to house the railway.

In reality i had amassed most of the materials for the conversion....but in all honesty could not see a time in the near future where any meaningful construction would take place.

After a round table conference with the builder, wife, cat & any other interested area 12 metres long x 3.4 metres wide area would  be given over to the "railway department"....leaving the balance to house machinery etc used in my business.

Well i now have a lined & insulated area with all benches in place. All electricals have been integrated with more than enough power points, a television for those cold nights & i will decide on heating & cooling methods after experiencing a couple of seasons in the shed.

Trackwork is now ready to be laid....but i will leave that until the next posting & after i have uploaded some photos of the layout room...

Please feel free as the postings are added to to "get involved"


Fat Controller...



  1. Would love to do something like this one day, what is your shed height please and what height did you make the ceiling in the internal room? Ta

  2. Shannon,

    Thanks for the comment....

    The train room has a headheight of 2.1 metres

    While the shed has a minimum height of 2.3 metres increasing to 3 metres at the pitch