Thursday, 9 June 2011



While trolling through my photos....i found some of the structures that i have built in readiness for the layout....

 I guess that this will end up as part of a cement works industry on the layout...Again it started life as a Walthers Kit.

 The goods shed is based on a kit....Stroud Road if i remember correctly....The deck & understructure were remade using laser cut components turned out during a quiet moment in the business.

The 44 is a Trainorama unit fitted with DCC & Sound....and showing signs of "Lack Of Love"

The flour mill was inspired by the version used on the Lambing Flat Layout......It started life as a Walthers "Greatland Sugar Refining" Cornerstone Kit.

I must admit that it is hard not to be inspired by layouts such as Lambing Flat & Bylong. 

I do have 2 of these kits but was daunted by kitbashing 2 into 1......I feel the finished article will produce the flavour i am looking for.

The deck, awning & substructure are again a product of our own laser being used for "foreign orders" 

 I did overdo the weathering where the transition from the awning joins the roof & will correct in time...

I also need to finish this structure off with eaves, gutters & finials etc...

 Could not resist posting this black & white version of the structure

Will post some more soon


Fat Controller


  1. G'day Rod,

    By a strange coincidence, I've got a Greatland Sugar kit that I'm converting into a flour mill.....(all your fault James Mc.....)

    Can you PM me please, I'd like to talk to you about the awning, deck and substructure you made for it.



    1. Tom,

      Thanks for your comment...

      Not sure what PM me plese means...but contact email address is