Sunday, 7 April 2013

More Layout Time...


Well two weekends in a row mostly dedicated to the layout has got to be a record.  The liftout section has been completed all bar the severing of the track & track formation.  The electrics were completed & it was decided to ballast, weather & basically complete the section before allowing a few days to dry.  Next weekend will reveal the success or otherwise of the project.

4917 was chosen to lead the first train through the section for testing purposes & a varied bunch of rollingstock was also assembled.

In the next couple of weeks I will attempt to include an updated plan of the layout & layout room so locations can be ascertained as work proceeds.

The test train entering the "work site"
The moment of truth...

To describe this location... To the right of shot ( on the opposite wall ) is the location of Fish River, the main station and yard on the layout.  Behind the train is a 3m x 3m room that will house the branch line terminus that originates from Fish River.  There will be a false backdrop on 3 walls in this room that will hide the main line ( the track in this shot ) as it travels through this room to reappear from a tunnel entrance which is to be built adjacent to the wall nib in this shot.  The track will be in a cutting which will then give way to the liftout section that this train is about to cross... After the lift out section there is a further 9 metres of this wall and already built bench before the track then turns to eventually end up back at Fish River.  I have not yet decided on a plan for this wall other than it will have a siding at the far end that will turn through 180 degrees at the end wall ( behind the photographer ) to service a cement plant and associated sidings which is to be built on a 6 metre x .7metre island bench that will run up the centre of the room.....All will be clearer when i post a plan... 


All good...No visible deflection!!!


The test train has now reached the temporary terminus... the benchwork carries on for a further 9 metres beyond the liftout before turning left then 3metres further on turning left again to return to Fish River the left of the photographer. 

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